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Surinder Mann

Project Director

T: +44 20 7631 5291

“"Innovation and cost efficiency are not separate challenges — together they make good design."”

Curriculum vitae

Surinder Mann joined Ramboll UK as Director in January 2007 and became Director with joint responsibility
for Ramboll Oil, Gas and Wind in 2008.

Surinder has over twenty years experience in structural engineering, achieving notable success in the design, co-ordination and delivery of unique long-span structures. Working in the UK, France and USA he has taken responsibility for airport terminals and stadiums delivered through a variety of procurement processes. Recent projects include Chicago O’Hare Terminal 6, Miller Park baseball stadium, Milwaukee, and the new Anfield stadium, Liverpool. His skills inform all aspects of design development and project administration.

Surinder’s engineering interests are broad, moving between large-scale schemes to nanotechnology and its effects on construction. He has extensive experience in design for seismic activity and holds US LEED accreditation for sustainable design. He now brings his skills to the delivery of offshore structures. Leading a team of twenty engineers, he has recently completed the structural and geotechnical design, management and coordination of the 100 turbine Thanet Offshore Wind Farm.

Successful projects are led by people who look outwards to the requirements and resources of the wider team. On his current wind farm projects, Surinder is working closely with the client and maritime certifying agencies, the wind turbine manufacturers and contractors. Designs and programme reflect all these interests, constraints and methodologies.

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