Jens Chr. Bennetsen

Head of Center of Excellence for Advanced Simulations

T: +45 5161 6475

Most recent studies have shown the contribution of indoor spaces to the airborne spread of Covid-19 and the risk this poses during the re-opening process. To de-risk and strengthen Covid-19 mitigation strategies, virtual commissioning using digital simulations techniques with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) have the ability to digitally test, evaluate and optimise designs and ventilation systems as people return to work and visit shopping centres, theatres, airports etc.  

The use of digital simulations with CFD has many applications within the built environment as well as high-rise buildings, building ventilation, high-speed trains, urban planning, wind tunnels and fire safety to name a few. 

In the COVID-19 era, CFD can be used to mitigate and reduce the spread of virus in industrial facilities, laboratories, pharmaceutical plants and office environments. By replicating the operational conditions and ventilation air flows, distribution of people, this virtual test lab enables us to: 

  • Create insights by detecting things that the naked eye cannot normally see — including the air flow path, down to details such as droplets and dust
  • Predict behavioural patterns using physics and actual conditions
  • Evaluate multiple tests over a short period of time to identify pros and cons and thereby enable informed decision-making when selecting the best mitigation strategy

For more than two decades, Ramboll has used CFD in combination with specialised engineering know-how to produce evidence-based knowledge before making critical decisions in relation to planning and design. 

Learn more about our work with CFD here.

Digital simulation with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


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