Martin Bodensten

Country Market Director

T: +46 70 754 94 58

What we do

The Covid-19 pandemic affects society, people and business. But how much? And where should authorities and businesses focus the mitigating actions? 

To allow for informed decision-making, we help the County of Stockholm in Sweden prepare weekly data-updates, showing the effects of the Covid-19 virus in the capital area on the general economy, the businesses and the labor market as well as on stability and people’s sense of security. The weekly reports are available here (in Swedish). In this way, the local authorities can make informed decisions about where to focus the response. 

We are well prepared to engage with clients on similar tasks throughout Scandinavia and Germany.

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Social & economic impacts

We create solutions with high social and economic impact in society. To Ramboll, social and economic impact is more than a name; it is a promise to our clients.

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We partner with our clients to create sustainable societies where people and nature flourish. If you have questions, need help or advice, please don’t hesitate to reach out.