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Helping our clients protect their employees, their businesses and their communities has never been more important. 

Ramboll’s multidisciplinary experts can provide integrated approaches tailored to environment, health and safety (EHS), and risk solutions to solve our clients most complex issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our expert services support our clients in protecting their employees and business, along with the communities they operate within. 

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Ensuring resilient operations while navigating COVID-19

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Bringing the economy back online

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Contingency planning protecting workers at manufacturing facilities

Reliable data about COVID-19 helped an international packaging manufacturer understand risks to workers and production.  
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Keeping essential pandemic-fighting business lines running while entering new markets

Due to COVID-19, the global science-based manufacturer experienced a sudden need for global scale cleaning, disinfection guidance and method development.  At the same time, they are also considering entering new markets.
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Protocols and online training keep employees safe during COVID-19

We helped a large property management company develop guidelines for protecting employees who perform emergency repairs in housing units. 
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Framework for setting up global COVID-19 laboratory facilities and employee testing

We assisted a global tech company in ensuring the safety of employees in multiple countries at the same time. 
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Ensuring resilient operations while navigating COVID-19

Decision makers will need to ensure that their processes and policies are aligned with current knowledge and best practices. We are working together with clients across sectors and geographies to develop and deliver multifaceted science-based strategic and tactical responses that address business continuity, workforce policies and procedures, and health and safety protocols to protect employees, customers and the public. 

Evaluation of supply chain and manufacturing processes, addressing safety concerns.

Guidance for implementing enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures, and decontamination after a confirmed COVID-19 case.

Guidelines for use of administrative infection controls and PPE


Guidelines for contact tracing

Procedures for employees visiting higher-risk client sites, like healthcare facilities

Employee self-screening procedures

Protocols for employee health status checks, including temperature screening procedures

Guidelines for advising employees to seek testing

Summary of current knowledge about infectious periods and the course of COVID-19 disease

Identification of decontamination vendors

Preparation of scope of work for decontamination


Bringing the economy back online

As our clients and their home countries, states and cities seek to bring the economy back online safely and reliably, all are facing new and complex challenges, such as how to restart operations, equipment and utility systems that have been idled for weeks or months. 

Ramboll is partnering with clients to develop business continuity and operational resiliency in our new environment. Our clients include major real estate, industrial, hospitality and technology companies, as well as municipalities and stand and federal government agencies.

COVID-19 vulnerability assessments and operational risk reduction planning

Disinfection recommendations, guidelines and supervision

Guidance on appropriate and necessary use of PPE and other infection control measures


Facilities engineering (e.g., HVAC review, personnel separation) and project delivery

Environmental health and safety/OSHA compliance

Health sciences and industrial hygiene consulting

Internal communications support

Supply chain assessment and contingency planning assistance

Employee training (e.g., PPE, emergency planning)

Tailored digital solutions

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We partner with our clients to create sustainable societies where people and nature flourish. If you have questions, need help or advice, please don’t hesitate to reach out.