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Data centers and mission critical facilities

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Ramboll acquires leading data center consulting company

Ramboll has joined forces with leading data center consultancy EYP Mission Critical Facilities (EYP MCF). With this strategic acquisition, we strengthen our position in the international premier league of data center consultancies and add fuel to our mission of contributing to lowering the carbon footprint of the industry – a key component in our digitalized society.


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Helping clients around the world

Ramboll combines pioneering expertise in data center strategy, planning, design, construction and commissioning with unparalleled offerings in sustainable building design, energy, environment and human health to help clients achieve their sustainability goals and lower their carbon footprint – key components of a digitalized society.

  • Integrated approach ensures success 
  • Proven track record of more than a decade’s experience
  • Global, 24/7 competency to help wherever we are needed
  • Multidisciplinary skillset means the best experts work on the right aspects of every project
  • Strong and diverse business contributing to the sustainable development of society for 75 years
  • Sustainability expertise brings value, stakeholder satisfaction and long-term resilience
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Sustainable data centers

Ramboll understands that creating sustainable facilities is essential to reliability and agility, two of the most important factors for mission critical facilities. Information and communications technology are responsible for 2% of global CO2 emissions and are experiencing unprecedented growth, so improving the sustainability performance of this sector is more important than ever. 

We offer global expertise in creating integrated infrastructure solutions for data centers that promote a circular economy while delivering energy and cost savings and climate and ecological benefits.

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Lifecycle support

Our multidisciplinary experts bring a deep understanding of regulatory requirements across geographies and decades of experience to assist clients in strategic decision making across the data center lifecycle – from strategic planning, site selection and sustainable design to construction management/oversight and commissioning and operational consulting to decommissioning and repurposing.

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