Save fuel costs and CO2 for your hauling firm, using route planning in 3D

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How it works?

Hammer FuelSave is a combined database and algorithm, based on a unique data-set of world class road surface and road geometry data,  that can be connected to:

  • Existing route planning software for any hauler that wants to reduce CO2 and fuel costs through better informed routing.
  • Any road owner/administration for better decision making when choosing between road designs.

The earth is not flat! Save fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions by using route planning in 3D

In 2017 road transport accounted for 77 per cent of goods transport in EU-28. With today's turnover of new and unregistered trucks, by 2030 Sweden alone will have about 1.2 million trucks registered, of which about 38% will be registered in 2014 or earlier. These 38% are mostly diesel engines, so a renewable alternative to diesel and lower fuel consumption is necessary. The fastest way to reduce our transport emissions is to reduce fuel consumption. Today, the most common method of reducing fuel consumption with unchanged vehicles is to plan the shortest route and optimise cargo loading. Current route planning software mainly calculate fuel consumption based on mileage (driving time) and vehicle type. They are to be considered as two-dimensional (2D). However, mileage is only one of the parameters that affect fuel consumption. Route planning with regard to road geometry and surface condition is to enter into 3-dimensional route planning. If you introduce route planning in 3D, there is a great savings potential of up to 25% of fuel consumption – today!

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When Ramboll combined our world leading expertise in road surface measurement with our knowledge in database management and put it through an innovation accelerator that aims to build scalable digital tools, got the HAMMER FuelSave. Hammer FuelSave is a 3D route optimiser that can be connected to existing route planning software for any hauler that wants to reduce CO2 and fuel costs.

The Hammer FuelSave is still in an early phase commercially. So far we have enabled a hauler in southern Sweden to save 18% fuel on one of their weekly routes, by only adding 6 % driving time.

In addition, our first paying customer is the Norwegian road administration, who uses FuelSave to evaluate which of a set alternative new stretches would save future users both CO2 and money.

“This will have direct impact on our margins. I can see us using this for at least 9 months per year!"

- Head of transport in medium sized hauling firm in Ängelholm, Sweden

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