Minimize sick leave. Minimize wear and tear. Maximize comfort.

How it works

Connect accelerometers in buses, trams and trains to Vibe and get real time data of vibrations in the vehicles.

Identify vibration hot spots and drivers in need of training.

Use the tool to effectively communicate problems resulting from intense vibrations.

Visualise all the vibrations in your public transport network, to improve passenger comfort, drivers health, and map vehicle wear and tear

In Sweden alone bus drivers are on sick leave more than 110% more often than the general population. One third of bus drivers claim they have back problems due to vibrations in the work place. At the same time incentivised contracts are gaining popularity among Public Transport Administrations (PTAs), meaning operators of e.g. buses need to be more engaged in passenger comfort. Already many buses are paid in relation to punctuality, meaning vehicle breakdowns need to be avoided at any cost.

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Vibrations can indicate all of the above. Use already existing accelerometers inside the bus, or connect our accelerometers to a web based interface. With very easily accessible vibration data it is easy to identify the problem, often by simply aggregating over a specific vehicle, driver or street segment. We can tailor the interfaces to fit your specific needs. 

Vibration data indicates:
Travel quality / Vehicle wear / Vehicle characteristics / Driver's driving style