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Jukka-Pekka Pitkänen

Global Division Director, Smart Mobility

T: +358 40 738 4190

Why Mobility Analytics?

Use Big Data
We will help you harness the power of Big Data to gain real-time insights to achieve better mobility solutions and improve the quality of your services.

MaaS is here to stay
Ensure a holistic mobility strategy with our Mobility as a Service potential and feasibility studies. We offer you also our MaaS ecosystem consultancy and strategy assessment.

Mobility Analytics

Improving the way we use existing transport infrastructure and encouraging people to share modes of transport is one way of making mobility smarter.

We aim to empower our clients to grow into digital, data driven organizations. Our Mobility Analytics experts will help you turn big data into strategic assets, supporting you in focusing on what matters the most: revealing important trends, delivering roadmaps and action plans for implementing new technologies and identifying the impacts of your mobility strategies in a real-world context.

A successful example of this is MaaS, or Mobility as a Service, which aims to optimize existing transport networks.

MaaS - Mobility as a Service

Already launched throughout several cities in Finland as well as being piloted in Copenhagen and Birmingham in the UK, it is a user-friendly platform that integrates different modes of transport, both public and private.

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MaaS is based on consumers buying the precise mobility services they need instead of the means of mobility. Users can access an app that seamlessly combines transport and payment options. It’s a simple but effective idea that combines the use of technology with existing transport and infrastructure so it’s easy for cities and more importantly, the people who live there, to adapt.

Services such as MaaS not only help people and goods move more efficiently, they also go a long way towards making cities more sustainable and liveable.

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