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Erik Hedman

Head of Department, Sweden

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We are an authorized reseller of GPS-data

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Traffic analysis using GPS-data

Ramboll is an authorized re-seller of GPS-data from Inrix and TomTom. Data is being collected and stored from motorized vehicles using on-board equipment giving the position of the vehicle.

Through our partners we can provide both historic data and real time data within the road network, with a density down to 1-min interval. Through speed data, we offer bottleneck analysis of the road network, i.e. where there is significant speed reduction during peak hours, we assess actual speeds to identify where there are potential traffic safety issues.

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Using travel pattern data, we get in-depth information about the distribution of the motorized traffic from various locations, assisting us in calibration of our transport models and simulations, helping our clients to better understand travel patterns.

The data is also being used by Ramboll to assess the effects of mitigation measures in the road network, for example speed reductions, physical infrastructure changes, changed regulations and policies, etc. as we are able to separate private from commercial traffic.

GPS-data from motorized vehicles gives a new unparalleled advantage while assessing speed data and origin destination data in the road network.