Automated hospital robots

Thomas Strecker Leitner

Logistics Nordics and UK

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Robots free up time for patients

Modern hospitals are under increasing pressure. They operate around the clock and both the quality and cost of healthcare are constantly scrutinised. 

Behind the scenes, logistics play a vital role in smooth and efficient operation, and the more these processes are optimised, the more time healthcare staff can spend with patients. By using mobile robots to automate a lot of the logistical tasks, it is possible to free up resources to focus on increasing the quality of care for patients.  

Higher efficiency for less money

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) systems are tried and tested technology, which have realised savings of up to 30 full-time resources, transferred from logistics to other tasks, because technology, optimised processes and hospital personnel all work together in an optimal way.   

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At two new Danish hospitals in Aalborg and northern Zealand, Ramboll is designing an innovative new logistics system, based on AGVs. The AGV systems are combined with an automated storage and washing functionality for transport trollies.

Moreover, Ramboll is also developing an AGV system for the transport of beds, where between 200-300 beds will be picked up daily by AGVs and taken to a central washing and storage facility. From here, the beds are retrieved and cleaned in a process that is almost fully automated. 

In this way, Ramboll is using known technology in an innovative way, to tailor the solution to the client's needs. 

“New hospitals are expected to offer better treatment at lower costs, compared to older buildings. AGVs can help make our processes more effective. They can transport goods such as linen, food, medicine and empty beds and deliver them to each department as they need them,” says Heine Overby, Head of Office at the New Aalborg University Hospital.

Thomas Strecker Leitner, Market Director for the hospital logistics division in the Nordics, explains “The investments in these projects have been proven repaid over 5-6 years, while the life expectancy is over 20 years.” 

Ramboll has planned and implemented 30 AGV systems, which have been tailored to meet the needs of hospitals in Germany, Austria and Denmark.