Prevent infection with gamification

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Two new apps help prevent infection in working environments

Ramboll has launched two new apps, which helps prevent spread of infection in different working environment. 

The apps deal with construction sites and offices and utilize gamification to simulate everyday situations in work environments, where users can then test whether they know how to act to avoid contagion.

Ramboll has good experience with using gamification as an alternative to traditional e-learning. The approach, called “Check-act-learn” has been tried and tested with very good results in Ramboll’s 3D gamification solution for improving safety on construction sites. It’s based on these experiences that we have now launched the serious of free apps for preventing infection. 

The idea is to make individuals aware of situations where their actions help create a safe work environment for everyone and to make sure they are also aware of the potential pitfalls.

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Key features of the prevent infection apps are the use game mechanics elements and game-based learning, and specific health and safety country guidelines. The apps can fairly easy be modified to other countries COVID-19 guidelines and local conditions. Also, through contextual building design the office app can be modified to any office environment internationally.

Several countries are in the process of lifting the restrictions, and by introducing the apps Ramboll contributes with information about how to return safely to a more “normalised” situation. Returning to work with strong focus on good hygiene and safe social distance will have a positive impact on the general economy and the society at large.

The apps are available in a number of languages; the app for construction sites is available in English, Danish, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish. The app for offices will be available in English, Danish, German, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian. It's now available in Danish and English. 

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Office spaces

The app takes you through virtual scenarios, where you must act to prevent spreading of the corona virus in the office. The app covers the full flow of a day, from leaving home in the morning to returning home after work. The app is available for desktop and Android. Try it here (use Google Chrome or Firefox).

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Construction sites

Try Ramboll’s gamification app for construction sites and test your skills in navigating safely around the virtual construction site. The free app is available in app store, google play and on desktop.

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