Global solutions to improve air quality

Air quality is impacting everyday life in a way that it never has before, particularly for urban dwellers. The UN estimates that the vast majority of the world – 6.76 billion people – lives with excessive air pollution, and that 1 in 9 lives are lost to related factors. Ramboll has a long history of delivering innovative, sustainable solutions to improve air quality.

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Our approach
Biodiversity & Corporate Sustainability

Maintaining a healthy business and planet is no longer mutually exclusive. Ramboll uses biodiversity assessment methods, BREEAM, ecosystem services approaches and natural capital accounting to help clients measure and value their impacts on the environment, whilst reducing material costs, boosting employee satisfaction, securing supply chains and ultimately increasing profits.

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A strategic approach to data centre & mission critical facilities

The dependency on IT in all business sectors puts data centres at the heart of an organisation’s operations. Our multidisciplinary teams work across specialties and geographies to deliver a strategic, client-focused approach to the entire life cycle of mission critical facilities.

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