Galago helps land managers and owners digitalise and monitor their sites to make more commercial and sustainable decisions.

Galago exists the make sustainable land management a reality. We help Land Managers visualise and characterize their entire sites digitally, so that they can make data-driven, evidence-based, and well-informed decisions. So whether you look after legacy sites, are trying to monitor invasive species, or looking to maximise your biodiversity and ecological impact, we can give you the in-depth, nuanced and comprehensive view about your site, and how it is changing and evolving over time.

How? We bring together the latest geospatial technologies using drone, UAV and satellite-based imagery to digitally capture your entire site, use artificial intelligence and machine learning to characterise it and asses it at scale, and our decades of environmental engineering expertise to tell you what you need to do.

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Making sustainability land management a reality for land owners

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