Galago: Building the next generation of sustainable land management technology

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With Galago’s automated monitoring service you can:

Characterize your entire site (even remotest areas)
Analyze health and growth of vegetation
Receive complete report with actionable insights
Enjoy time efficient and cost effective monitoring

Whether you manage legacy land sites, environmental cleanup sites, or are looking for innovative ways to monitor your land, Galago helps you detect issues early and fix them quickly. Combining the latest drone, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology underpinned by old-fashioned consultancy has turned Galago into an environmental powerhouse. We now have our sights focused on helping Ramboll deliver sustainability at scale.



Get a Complete Picture

We safely analyze and characterize your entire site, not just a small sample. This includes even the remotest areas, making our recommendations rigorous and reliable.

Accurate & Extensive Results

Our platform removes subjective errors, shows you previously unseen insights from overhead, and detects subtle but crucial land changes.

Safeguard Yourself & Your Assets

We identify land issues before they happen. This can prevent future restoration costs, make relationships with authorities stronger, and give you concrete evidence for litigation challenges.

Time-efficient. Cost-effective

We slash the hours it takes you to endlessly review land and images. Our ongoing monitoring means you can quickly report the status of your site to stakeholders.

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