Christian Nyerup Nielsen

As Director in Ramboll’s global division for Climate Adaptation & Landscape Architecture, Christian has extensive expertise within the area of urban resiliency, integrated water management and blue-green infrastructure. In recent years, Christian has helped scoping and designing projects like the New York City Cloudburst Resiliency Planning Study, Soul of Nørrebro, and the Copenhagen Cloudburst Concretization Masterplan.

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"The end goal is to invest efficiently in a comprehensive low-carbon adaptation plan that focuses on people and health, thus reducing carbon emissions and increasing resilience."


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Urban Life

Battling extreme weather in Asia

7 July 2017 Christian Nyerup Nielsen 4 mins

Citizens in coastal regions of Asia could face some of the worst effects of global warming. A new study has been launched to identify the most effective adaptation and funding options to create the strongest resilience possible.



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