The benefits of digital visualisations

Bringing Digital to Life 7 February 2019

Digital visualisations can help streamline project development processes and minimise time and resources for the client. Learn more about how we work with digital solutions below.


Digital twin helps realise offshore wind projects

The design of offshore wind turbines is becoming increasingly more complex, but with digital twins, we can deliver interactive visualisations of engineering models that help streamline the project development process and minimise time and resources. Take a virtual tour of Borkum Riffgrund 2 offshore wind farm.  

Fast, safe and engaging

In Ramboll’s Virtual Solutions Lab, both clients and consultants involved with the project can get a virtual tour of the structure, where they can visualise and interact with realistic models in a fast and easy way.

This has several benefits both for the project process and the client: having a virtual prototype means that you can test the feasibility of a design and identify potential issues early on, before the structure is built - and that saves a lot of time and money. It also enables our team to practice health and safety procedures in various conditions in an engaging and safe way.


Digital approach to wind flow calculations reduces design time and material usage 

Providing useful and precise data early in design processes is crucial for a good and efficient project process. 

On a hotel project in Gibraltar, a digital wind tunnel provided extensive engineering insight that helped inform the structural design of the building, as our virtual design tools made it possible to create detailed visualisations that could calculate the impact of wind loads on the building. 

A digital wind tunnel works by replicating the real-life physical wind tunnel and mimicking the wind flow passing the structure. In the visualisation, we get a thorough understanding of wind interaction and the impact on all exterior design levels, such as façade loads, balconies and terraces. 

In this way, we can test the structural design in an efficient and comprehensive way and implement necessary changes early on. Thus, the approach reduces both design time and material usage.

Bringing Digital to Life

Capitalising on the use of digital solutions and possibilities to build a smart and sustainable society

Bringing Digital to Life

3D game prevents occupational injuries

6. July 2018 Åge Staghøj 8 min

One of the largest construction projects in Denmark has experienced less than half the usual number of accidents, largely due to an interactive game that workers are required to play before starting at the site. The game is now being distributed to other countries.

Bringing Digital to Life

As easy as playing a video game

31. July 2018 Shane O'Brien 6 min

A new tool makes it much simpler to co-create virtual architecture and explore progress models of a building design.

Bringing Digital to Life

Digital Twin: Learning from the Offshore Industry

29. November 2018 Ulf Tyge Tygesen 10 min

Digital Twin technology has special applications for optimized operational performance and for predicted life-cycle management.



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