Improving liveability and sustainability on two Bermudan islands

18 September 2020

Ramboll has been selected to help Onsite Engineering Services and the Bermuda Land Development Company to upgrade existing water and wastewater infrastructure on St. Davids Island and St. Georges Island.

Improving liveability and sustainability on two Bermudan islands

Improving liveability and sustainability on two Bermudan islands

St. David’s Island and St. George’s Island both struggle with aging and deteriorating water and wastewater infrastructure that affects the environment as well as the quality of life on the islands. At this moment, the two islands experience an almost 70% water loss in the system between the water plant putting out the water and receiving the water due to line breakages. The islands also suffer from a high risk of cross contamination in the freshwater lens because the current wastewater management does not include treatment before discharge, and thus untreated wastewater is discharged directly into the ocean. 

These issues were brought up in the recommendations made in the 2017-2018 Strategy for Sustainable Water & Wastewater Servicing reports prepared for the Government of Bermuda Ministry of Public Works. Hence, to address these recommendations and improve the conditions for potable water, wastewater treatment, and water management in general, Ramboll was hired to provide the design for five separate projects.

The projects include: 

  • A Hydraulic Model and Master plan for St. David’s Island
  • The design and geotechnical investigation for the placement of water and sanitary pipes on the seabed floor connecting St. David’s and St. George’s Islands
  • The design for the piping and infrastructure that will connect St. Regis Hotel, St. George’s Parish and St. George’s Club to the treatment facilities located on St. David’s Island
  • Engineering and design to upgrade the potable water system by interconnecting six existing potable water reservoirs, along with a reverse osmosis water treatment plant, on St. David’s Island
  • An evaluation of the Fairmont Southampton Wastewater Treatment Plant and Potable Water system’s conditions and needs

The hydraulic model and master plan as well as the geotechnical investigation are already complete and now serve as the foundation for the design and engineering in two of the three remaining projects.

Expertise with global reach 

As a global company, Ramboll has experts spread widely across the world who ensure that knowledge and experience are shared across national borders. In this case, Ramboll Finland contributed with their geotechnical expertise on The Stokes Point project:

“Prior to this project, the US team had no prior experience with sea crossings, and so it was great to collaborate with our new colleagues from Finland who had completed several similar projects," says project coordinator Susan Stalnaker.

Ramboll Finland was responsible for providing the pipe settlement assessment that served as the foundation for designing the pipe system connecting St. David’s and St. George’s islands. By drawing on each other’s experience and knowledge, Ramboll has provided a solid foundation to upgrade the infrastructure, and thereby help to ensure less resource waste and a drastic decrease of expenses for the Islands. Improving the wastewater treatment and freshwater supply system will provide better conditions for the ecosystems and inhabitants, and thus also contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

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