New cases to inspire for equality in the Danish public sector

To help promote equality, a set of reports from the Danish public institutions have now been launched. Ramboll Management Consulting contributed with insights and analyses for the latest reports. As something new, Ramboll’s experts also delivered a catalogue filled with good, practical cases. Cases that can serve as inspiration for the further equality work.

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The work with equality among men and women in the workplace is important – but it might be difficult to tackle. The equality reports take stock of the equality work of the state, municipalities, and regions in Denmark.

To provide specific examples of initiatives, Ramboll has produced an inspiration catalogue which, together with the reports, will create the basis for the gathering of good practice to promote organisations’ further work with equality. 

- The equality report and the catalogue are an overall product that embraces all elements of equality in the public sector. Within equality in the public sector, it is the only data source in Denmark that looks into both the staff area and the citizen-oriented core services. It gives a holistic view of equality in the public sector, says, Ramboll’s equality expert Mai Grage.

Internal and external equality

One thing is to ensure equality internally in the public sector institution – another is to ensure equality in the institution’s core services for the citizens. Mai Grage further explains: 

- The public institutions have a clear obligation in the field of equality to their employees, but also to the citizens who are recipients of the institutions’ services. The citizen-oriented services must meet the behaviour and preferences of both men and women to an equal degree. 

Valuable insights based on extensive data material 

In the period from 2017 to 2020, Ramboll Management Consulting has collected and analysed data for the Minister for Equality in Denmark. These form the basis for trends and patterns in the equality reports of 2020. Ramboll has set up a survey to collect data, conducted interviews with best practices institutions, and finally initiated extensive rounds of interviews to optimise the reports.

The inspiration catalogue is based on 11 cases from both state institutions, municipalities, and regions. The catalogue contains examples of goal setting and initiatives to promote equality among men and women in the workplace that can serve as inspiration and guide other institutions.

All of the material highlights how equality is being worked with in the public sector in a tangible and manageable manner. 


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