Ramboll Management Consulting named ‘Power brand’ in Denmark

In a new analysis by MyResearch, Ramboll’s Management Consulting practice dominates the rankings and claim the title ‘Power brand’.


Line Dybdal

Country Market Director
T: +45 5161 7854
M: +45 5161 7854
Martin Christiansen

Martin Christiansen

Head of communication, Management Consulting
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M: (+45) 5161 2806

By Morten Lund

More than 700 decisions makers with responsibility for acquiring consulting services have participated in MyResearch’s new analysis of the Management Consulting industry in Denmark. The analysis covers the decision makers awareness of and preferences for the individual consulting companies based on a long list of parameters.

In 2021, Ramboll Management Consulting finished top of the list with Deloitte, PwC, and McKinsey & Co. in the subsequent spots.

Line Dybdal is Country Director for Ramboll Management Consulting in Denmark. She is proud of the results but remain humble:

- We might not be a familiar brand all over the world, but here at home ground in Denmark, we have a high level of awareness among the target group, who assess us as very trustworthy. I am happy that we are assessed as best in class when it comes to ‘delivering results’ – we always strive to be more hands-on than most others. This is due to us being an integral part of Ramboll so we can link management consulting with specific, technical insights into a given industry.

Dominating the qualitative parameters

Beyond awareness and preferences, the analysis also shows how the clients stay informed about the consulting companies, which criteria that are important for purchase decision, and how the individual consulting companies perform on eight qualitative parameters. 

In addition to the parameters concerned with being ‘trustworthy’ and the ‘ability to deliver results’, the other parameters cover, among other things, responsibility, innovation as well as business understanding and quality of work. Here, Ramboll’s management consulting practice takes two first places, five second places and a single third place.

Martin Christiansen, Senior Communications Manager in Ramboll Management Consulting, is responsible for the brand and the external communication. He says:

- We are really happy to be on top of the list. It’s a major pat on the back. Partly to the work with creating a strong brand and partly to the work taking place every day with clients. When we have a strong image in the industry, it is the sum of many efforts over a long period of time.

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