Adrian Gómez Balboa publishes English-language companion handbook to Legislación Ambiental Mexicana para la Industria

4 January 2017
The new handbook provides specific guidance to EHS managers on relevant environmental and regulatory topics in Mexico.


Adrian Gomez

Senior Managing Consultant
T: +52 81 2282 9988 ext 102

Senior Manager Adrian Gómez Balboa (Monterrey) has recently published the Handbook of Mexico’s Environmental Legislation for International EHS Managers, an English-language companion to Adrian’s current Spanish-language book, Legislación Ambiental Mexicana para la Industria.

The handbook was developed to inform manufacturing industry leaders and investors about Mexico’s environmental regulations, and covers relevant legal and regulatory definitions, federal- and state-level requirements, and useful comparisons to similar US or EU regulations.

Legislación Ambiental Mexicana para la Industria was published for both practical and academic use, identifying the primary issues facing the environmental industry, the most significant environmental requirements for industrial activities and best management practices for facilities. It covers environmental impact assessment, air emissions, water supply and wastewater discharges, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, chemical release inventories, and environmental civil responsibilities, among other requirements.

For more information, or to purchase the handbook, click here. A Kindle version is also available for download.

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