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9 March 2016
Our experts have co-authored four articles in the March edition of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

Ramboll Environ experts have co-authored several articles in the March 2016 edition of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (Volume 35, Issue 3).

The article, Critical perspectives on mercury toxicity reference values for protection of fish, co-authored by Phyllis Fuchsman, Miranda Henning, Mary Sorensen, Lauren Brown, Michael Bock, Carla Beals and Victor Magar, challenges the adequacy of available data characterizing mercury effects on fish reproduction. It is the first article in a new category for the journal entitled “Critical Perspectives.” Articles in this category will present in-depth, detailed analysis of a current scientific issue of national and international importance, while offering the authors’ perspective on the subject.

Phyllis co-authored two additional articles in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, entitled Growth and reproductive effects from dietary exposure to Aroclor 1268 in mink (Neovison vison), a surrogate model for marine mammals, and Enzyme induction and histopathology elucidate aryl hydrocarbon receptor–mediated versus non–aryl hydrocarbon receptor–mediated effects of Aroclor 1268 in American mink (Neovison vison).

Additionally, Kyle Fetters served as lead author on Toxicological effects of short-term resuspension of metal-contaminated freshwater and marine sediments, a part of his Master’s thesis at the University of Michigan. This article investigates whether the resuspension of metal-contaminated sediments resulted in adverse ecological effects to aquatic organisms.

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