Hosting NICOLE and ICCL at Ramboll’s head office in Copenhagen

26 September 2017
Ramboll Environ is hosting an all day Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe (NICOLE) workshop before welcoming participants from the International Committee on Contaminated Land (ICCL) for a joint dinner with NICOLE at its head office (RHO) in Copenhagen on 4th October.

The event will bring together regulators, industry, and research professionals from across the globe to share knowledge and best practice in regulation, management, investigation, and remediation of contaminated sites. The forum also provides a platform from which to network and reconnect with peers.

Participants from Ramboll include experts from Italy, UK, USA, Benelux and the Nordics. Kristian Bitsch, Senior Consultant at REH Denmark will give a talk entitled ‘Water Supply in an Urban Area with Many Well-Known Pollution Sites – One Case Study in the Copenhagen Area’.

Phil Studds, Regional Director, Leeds, UK will also present a technical poster at the joint ICCL - NICOLE Groundwater Management on Contaminated Sites conference which takes place at Copenhagen’s National Museum on 5th-6th October. The poster discusses the innovative management of chlorinated solvent remediation at the Mersey Gateway site in the UK. It is co-authored by Peter Fitch, Principal Engineer, REH UK, Nigel Cossons, Project Director, UK and Damian Watkin, Associate, UK.

Hans Bengtsson, Senior Chief Consultant at Ramboll Environ Denmark says “the timing of the event could not be better”. He adds, “For a long time Environ has had a strong brand position outside of the Nordics Ramboll, on the other hand, is mostly recognised for its environmental services within the Nordics. So this event, especially in light of our coming brand transition, is the perfect occasion for Ramboll Environ to really establish the name Ramboll among peers and clients.”

Contact Hans Bengtsson or Marianne Wilton, Principal, Ramboll Environ Netherlands, for more event details. Otherwise follow these links to find out more about NICOLE and ICCL.

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