Mapping Groundwater in California

16 June 2017
Californian authorities have engaged Ramboll to create an overview of groundwater resources affected by long-term drought in the state.
Ramboll engaged to map groundwater resources and delineate aquifers in California following drought

Ramboll engaged to map groundwater resources and delineate aquifers in California following drought


Max Halkjær

Max Halkjær

Global Service Line Leader, Water Resources Management
T: +45 5161 2960

Four years of drought have depleted California’s groundwater resources. State authorities focused on mapping groundwater resources in order to make the water cache more sustainable have engaged Ramboll for two projects.

The first relates to the risk of losing fresh groundwater in coastal areas where it might get mixed with salted water.

“One of the numerous challenges that California faces is gaining a realistic overview of fresh groundwater and water movement in coastal areas where it blends with the salty seawater. We will address this challenge in a large area near Monterey Bay”, says Max Halkjær, Ramboll’s Water Resources Service Line Leader.

Ramboll is collaborating with SkyTEM Surveys and I-GIS on this project. SkyTEM Surveys will map the Californian underground with advanced scanning equipment. I-GIS will provide 3D visualization software, and Ramboll will deliver consulting and data analysis. 

Sustainable water catchment

Another water-related challenge in California is developing a better overview of aquifer delimitation. Ramboll’s second project focuses on advanced data management and ground-based geophysics by mapping aquifer delimitation.

“Based on old and new data, we will provide a thorough analysis, which helps us gain a more detailed insight into the siting of the ground water”, says Max Halkjær.

This project is being conducted together with I-GIS and a local consult.

A strong alliance

Both projects have been assigned within the Water Technology Alliance (WTA). Established in 2015, the alliance has a purpose of disseminating knowledge about the Danish water model, and supporting the Danish water industry in the process of entering the American market.

“As part of the Danish Trade Council, Danish water companies are represented by three permanent water specialists located in California, who are focused on creating cooperative opportunities. The California authorities are very interested in cooperating,” says Max Halkjær.

The Water Technology Alliance is an arm of the Danish Trade Council in California supported by Industriens Fond. Alliance membership includes Ramboll, Aarhus Vand, Kamstrup, Applied Biomimetic, Danfoss, Grundfoss, Smith Innovation, DHI, AVK, LiqTech and Leif Koch A/S, SkyTEM and I-GIS.

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