Ramboll Environ name migrates to Ramboll

4 January 2018
On 1 January 2018, Ramboll Environ began using the Ramboll name to reflect our full integration with the Ramboll global organization. Stay in touch by following the Ramboll LinkedIn page.
Ramboll logo

Ramboll logo

As we have announced previously, in 2015 ENVIRON strengthened its global position by joining with Ramboll, Northern Europe’s leading engineering and design consultancy. For a transitional period, we have used the name Ramboll Environ in some markets as a way to continue communicating this important milestone.

We are pleased to announce that on 1 January 2018, Ramboll Environ began using the Ramboll name to reflect our full integration with the Ramboll global organization. We are now Ramboll’s Environment & Health division – one its largest global practices – and have added more than 500 experts in the Nordic countries.

We continue to help our clients address their most challenging environmental and human health issues. As part of the Ramboll global organization, we now also:

  • offer expanded consultancy capabilities in the energy, oil & gas, water resources, sustainable development and climate change sectors.
  • provide assistance on larger, more challenging multidisciplinary projects requiring broader capabilities.
  • address important global issues such as the environmental and health implications of urbanisation, climate change and resource scarcity.

To learn more about our Environment & Health offerings or Ramboll’s other global offerings, visit our website at www.ramboll.com.

* The ramboll-environ.com web site will become inactive on 1 January 2018.

** The Ramboll Environ LinkedIn page became part of Ramboll’s LinkedIn page. If you have been following Ramboll Environ on LinkedIn, please be sure to begin to follow Ramboll on LinkedIn so that you do not miss any important news or developments.

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