Ramboll Environ to review management of flame retardant waste in revised guidance

25 September 2017
The brominated flame retardant Decabromodiphenylether (DecaBDE) has a variety of applications including use in plastics, textiles, adhesives, sealants, coatings and inks.

DecaBDE containing plastics are used in electrical and electronic equipment, wires and cables, pipes and carpets. In textiles, DecaBDE is mainly used in upholstery, window blinds, curtains and mattresses for public and domestic buildings, and in the transportation sector. It has recently been placed under the category of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) under the Stockholm Convention. POPs can travel far and wide via the atmosphere and/or oceans without breaking down and can potentially be very damaging to human health and the environment.

Experts from BiPRO, Ramboll Environ’s health sciences team based in Munich have been appointed by the Norwegian Environmental Agency to revise a technical guideline on the environmentally sound management of waste consisting of, containing or contaminated with POP-BDEs to include information on the newly listed decaBDE. The guidance must be written in accordance with the two multilateral agreements on chemicals and waste, the Stockholm Convention on POPs and the Basel Convention on control and transboundary movement of hazardous waste.

The content will be based on input from members of the small intersessional working group on POPs, a subsidiary technical body to the Basel COP with expertise in waste, persistent organic pollutants, and the Basel and/or Stockholm Conventions. The draft revised technical guideline will be submitted to the Basel Convention’s open-ended working group for its consideration.

Joachim Schmidtke, Managing Principal at Ramboll Environ’s Munich office said, “we are delighted to be helping the Norwegian Environmental Agency make much-needed revisions to the Basel Convention’s guidance. The guidance will ensure environmentally sound management of POP-BDE containing waste pursuant to the Stockholm and the Basel Conventions and help protect the environment at a global level”.

The project is expected to run until April 2018.

For information about the project contact Alexander Potrykus

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