Supporting a major circular economy project in the German wind energy sector

12 October 2017

The German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) has launched a 19-month project to develop a circular economy approach for end-of-life onshore wind turbines.

Ramboll’s team of experts in chemical, product, health, sustainability, environmental performance and wind energy has been appointed by Umweltbundesamt to gather and assess data for policy approaches concerning the management and reuse of waste from the decommissioning ofwind energy installations.

The team will be required to advise on policy options with regard to waste minimisation and reuse, and provide feedback to manufacturers to inform the design of more suitable wind turbine components. They will also conduct a survey to establish the current status and practices for the dismantling of onshore wind turbines, and evaluate the associated waste streams (containing carbon fibre components, gearboxes, lubricants and permanent magnets etc).

In addition, the team will develop a technical approach for future best practice management, and put forward recommendations for the development of regulatory guidance and legislation concerning the best practice management of different waste streams.

Joachim Schmidtke, Managing Principal at Ramboll Environ’s Munich office said, “We are looking forward to this very interesting and challenging project that will combine the expertise of different Ramboll units. This is an excellent opportunity to present Ramboll’s broad field of expertise in wind energy technology and waste management.”

For more information about the project, contact Ferdinand Zotz (Project Leader, BiPRO, Germany) or Maximilian Kling (Consultant, BiPRO, Germany).

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