Ramboll Environ experts contribute to top ESIA guide and textbook

6 November 2017

Roy Emberton and Richard Wenning contributed a chapter on ecology to the recently published fourth edition of Methods of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (Routledge).




Rick Wenning

Richard J. Wenning

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Part of the Routledge Natural and Built Environment Series, the guide brings together the latest advice on ESIA best practice and is of great use to planners, ESIA practitioners and professionals seeking to update their skills. This internationally oriented fourth edition incorporates the World Bank’s IFC performance standards and best practice examples from both developing and developed countries.

Roy and Rick’s chapter provides information on what ecological resources need to be assessed, survey techniques used around the world, assessment techniques, and mitigation design and assessment.

Marla Orenstein, President of the International Association of Impact Assessment (IAIA), had this to say about the guide: “Written by top experts in the field, this book constitutes an important resource for people who need to understand the process and products of environmental impact assessment. Both technical approaches and conceptual challenges are described in a way that novice readers can understand, but that experienced practitioners will also appreciate.”

Please contact Roy or Rick for more information or click here to learn more and order the publication.

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