Embracing the water in Gothenburg

Meet Ramboll’s experts in climate adaptation and resilience at the Embrace the Water conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, 12 – 14 June.



Henrik Sønderup

Henrik Sønderup

Chief Consultant
M: +45 5161 8933

Viveka Lidström

Enhetschef VA-Teknik, Malmö
T: +46 10 6156000

Embrace the Water gathers urban planners and water professionals from around the globe in order to share experiences and projects on the opportunities and threats of water in modern, sustainable and innovative cities.

Working on a range of projects that combine landscape architecture, climate adaptation and urban liveability, several experts from Ramboll will be sharing insight and experience.

  • Christian Nyerup Nielsen, Director, Climate Adaptation, Ramboll Water: ‘Soul of Nørrebro – Innovative Climate Adaptation Process for Increased Urban Quality and Resiliency’
    Session: Water for an attractive city, Room 1

  • Trine Munk, Project Manager, Ramboll Water: Integrated Resiliency Planning Through Blue-Green Infrastructure in a NYC Setting
    Session: Water for an Attractive City, Room 2

  • Henrik Sønderup, Chief Consultant, Climate Adaptation and Green Infrastructure, Ramboll Water: Blue-Green Infrastructure And Flood Resiliency: A Copenhagen Perspective
    Session: Water for an Attractive City, Room 2

  • Mikaela Ruding, Analyst, Ramboll Water: Frihamnen – A Unique Opportunity for Sustainable Stormwater Management
    Session: Integrated Water Management – Planning for Increased Resilience, Room 4

  • Matilda Persson, Project Manager, Ramboll Water: How can insurance act as a tool to increase resilience to weather and climate related disaster risk?
    Session: Integrated Water Management – Planning for Increased Resilience, Room 4

All Ramboll presentations take place on Tuesday 13 June 11:00 – 12:30.

Moreover, Henrik Thorén, Hydraulic Models Expert, Ramboll Water, will do a poster presentation on “Hydro Model for Gothenburg – Advanced 3-way Coupled Hydraulic Models”.

Also, Trine Munk will be moderating at table at the Joint City and Utility Leaders Forum Monday 14:00 – 15:30. Christian Nyerup Nielsen will do a presentation at this session on city-to-city cooperation. The session takes place in the Winter Garden.


Soul of Nørrebro

The visionary climate adaptation project in Copenhagen received an ‘Award of Excellence’ for its nature-based climate adaptation solutions that create new hydrological, biological and social ecosystems.

Soul of Nørrebro wins a World Landscape Architecture Award

New York City to meet resiliency goals

A collaboration agreement with Copenhagen and a recent study conducted by Ramboll are now included in the ‘OneNYC’ program as official elements in NYC’s efforts to meet its ambitious resiliency goals.

Copenhagen and Ramboll inspire New York City to meet resiliency goals

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