Meet Ramboll at NORDIWA

The leading Nordic event for water professionals, NORDIWA, is currently taking place in Aarhus, Denmark. Ramboll is solidly represented with 8 presentations covering important and highly water and wastewater topics.



Astrid Kock Grusgaard

Astrid Kock Grusgaard

Senior consultant
T: +45 51615643

As one of the most important events for water professionals within wastewater management and climate change adaptation in the Nordic region, NORDIWA attracts urban planners, utility staff, researcher and consultant from the both the Nordic region and beyond.

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10 October 14:00, Urban Solutions, Room C, Comwell:

‘How climate adaptation redesigns cities’, by Astrid Koch Grusgaard, Ramboll Water

10 October 16:00, Wastewater from industries, Room D, Comwell:
‘Harnessing Industrial CO2 emissions to neutralize water poll’, Hans Carlsson, Ramboll Water

10 October 16:00, New WWTP, Centralværkstedet:
‘Developing tailor-made simulation and process models’, by Eppu Väänänen, Ramboll Finland Oy

11 October 10:50, Poster Presentation, Pharmaceuticals, Centralværkstedet:
‘Removal of pharmaceuticals at wastewater treatment plants’, by Karolina Furgal, Ramboll Water

11 October 10:50, Flood Protection, Room C, Comwell:
‘Making the most of climate cloudburst adaptation strategies’, by Maria Facchin Asmussen, Ramboll Water

11 October 11:40, Poster Presentation, Centralværkstedet:
‘A climate resilient NYC with Blue-Green Infrastructure’, by Maria Facchin Asmussen, Ramboll Water

11 October 12:20, Poster Presentation, Centralværkstedet:
‘Future-protection of stormwater management in Tarm’, by Julia Lise Magnusen, Ringkøbing-Skjern Forsyning, and Astrid Koch Grusgaard, Ramboll Water

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