Wrapping up UNLEASH '19

The last week, young talents from all over the world have been working on solutions for some of the world’s most complex global challenges. 

Kristina – one of the participants from Ramboll – and her group have been tackling problems with safety on public transport in Mexico City: 

“In Mexico City, 65% of the women have experienced sexual assaults in the city’s metro, but only one third of them were helped by other passengers. My team is thinking about a solution to reduce harassment by raising awareness and encourage people to help,” she explains. 

“My team has developed the idea of the ‘Morada app’. The app can make public transport safer for women using a simple and effective mechanism: activate, validate and react. With the app, passengers get an alert in case of an incident, and they can then validate the incident and call the police or intervene actively themselves. We’ve already found three parties interested in the app.” 

All the ideas were pitched in front of an international jury, and the two top teams from each SDG-focus had the chance to pitch again in the final round of the “Dragon’s Den”. 
Siyu Lin from Ramboll’s Beijing office and her team were chosen to present their idea at the Dragon’s Den and were even awarded! They found a solution to prevent landslides in coastal areas. 

The final round of pitches was inspiring for all the participants, both the teams pitching and the teams that were listening: 

“The evening gave us all a chance to come together to listen to some amazingly innovative solutions to pressing issues in our world,” says Vanessa. 

Opening ceremony
Kristina and colleagues

Day 2 and 3: Getting started

After a big opening ceremony for all the participants, UNLEASH 2019 is now in full swing. The last couple of days, the participants have been split into smaller groups with different sub-themes related to the SDGs. 

The first round of the process is about problem framing – defining the challenge to address, who is affected and why. 

In the coming days, the groups will take a deep dive into their chosen subject area to gain insight on the challenge, and eventually come up with a possible solution. 

Taylor and Vanessa are both working with consumption, and their idea-in-progress relates to waste management: 

“Our idea at the moment is tied to organic waste management in Bolivia. I’m really enjoying the process to far and I’m looking forward to seeing how our ideas develop” Taylor explains. 

Kristina, who has travelled to the UNLEASH innovation lab from Germany is part of a team working on SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities. 

“Day two was a really long but inspiring day, working in international teams. It’s getting more and more intense!”  

See pictures from the last couple of days above.

Taylor Jackson 

Taylor works as an environmental consultant in Newcastle, Australia. She is passionate about sustainable resource use and aspires to create change by influencing those around her to engage in more sustainable practices on a daily basis. This week, she is part of the UNLEASH Innovation Lab, to push the sustainability agenda! 

”Having sustainable values isn’t going to change the world. It’s only when you live and act those values that you begin to see a real difference. Taking part in UNLEASH provides that opportunity to act!” 


Day 1: Ready for take off!

Here's Taylor and Vanessa - two of Ramboll's participants at the 2019 UNLEASH - ready to take off!

For the third year in a row, nine Ramboll employees from the Asia Pacific region are going to UNLEASH innovation lab - this year in Shenzhen, China. 

UNLEASH is a global initiative created in 2017, aiming to create the world’s largest innovation lab for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Every year leading up to 2030, UNLEASH gathers 1,000 of the world’s brightest young talents to problem-solve, innovate and collaborate across teams to develop new solutions to global challenges. The innovation lab is designed to provide unique opportunities for young professionals to enhance their ability to make a positive social impact. 

In the coming week, you can follow our participants as they take part in a series of workshops and simulations, working towards new solutions. At the end, you'll get a sneak peek of the end-result. 

Vanessa White

Vanessa is an environmental consultant focusing on contaminated land. A large part of her work is dedicated to assessing the potential contamination risks to the environment and the health and wellbeing of people. She is deeply involved in projects that investigate poor waste management and housekeeping practices in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, leading to soil and groundwater contamination. 

“My adoration for our environment pushes me to work towards responsible consumption and production. There is a great need for innovative waste management and reduction solutions and at the global innovation lab, I get to contribute to creating them.”

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Credits: UNLEASH

Ramboll’s talent at 2019 UNLEASH Innovation Lab

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