IT in Practice 2019-2020

Digital & Technology – IT in Practice is the most significant report on digitalisation within Danish public and private organisations. Read more and get the report here.


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Published for the 24th consecutive year, IT in Practice uncovers the opportunities and challenges related to digitalisation within the private and public sector.

IT in Practice examines how to embrace the digital era strategically and create results through leading digitalisation from the front. Furthermore, the Digital Readiness Index is introduced, which makes it possible to benchmark one industry against the other.

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"IT in practice provides a solid overview of digitisation in Denmark and inspiration on what it takes to succeed in getting IT and the business to work more closely together."

Stig Lundbech, Director of Group IT, Copenhagen Municipality

A collaboration between DANSK IT and Ramboll

The report is made by DANSK IT and Ramboll Management Consulting. DANSK IT is an organisation which aims to collect, strengthen and improve the competencies of IT users and IT professionals whereas Ramboll provides unbiased consultancy to public and private sector organisations committed to leverage digitalisation in a strategic and business-centric way.


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Strategic challenges

IT in Practice annually identifies a number of strategic challenges, which Ramboll expects many companies to face within the coming year.

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About IT in Practice

IT in Practice is known as the most significant survey of its kind, investigating strategic and business use of IT in both the private and public sectors.

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The team behind

IT in Practice is developed by Ramboll consultants within strategic consulting.

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The IT in Practice Advisory Board

Representatives from a range of trendsetting companies helped select the topical themes of the analysis and the survey questionnaire.

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