The IT in Practice report is based on a survey conducted among the 500 largest companies in Denmark combined with the wide experience of Ramboll Management Consulting within the field of strategic consultancy for Danish and international companies.


Mathias Hassinggaard

Mathias Hassinggaard

Project manager - IT in Practice
T: +45 5161 5090
M: +45 5161 5090

'IT in Practice is a source of inspiration and reflection. It is a good place to start to gain insight into the activities of other Danish companies and an opportunity to be able to compare our own activities to them. It is also a fine source for investigating future trends and topics. Among others, which digital trends are the key focus in the various industries. It is here interesting too to read about the more hyped technologies, especially those which are storming ahead at present.'
CIO, Jesper Riis, Global IT, DSV, CIO of the Year 2018

'I have used IT in Practice through many years in my work with IT management and I have also benefitted hugely from applying selected parts of the report actively in the dialogue with the business. The report gives a completely unique insight into the themes and trends, which are currently present in other organisations in Denmark. I therefore always look forward to the publication of the annual IT in Practice report as it gives me a specific checklist, that assures me that our company relates to these very central topics.'

Former CIO / Senior Group Director, Torben Kjær, IT, Digital and Innovation, Ramboll, CIO of the Year 2017

'IT in Practice has proved to be an essential tool within IT management in Denmark. For me it has several facets, for instance, it serves as a guide for key elements in similar organisations in Denmark. This supports the IT management to keep focus , and provides a strong indicator of what is happening in the CxO management. Therefore, the content can be useful as basis, for example, when creating storytelling to the management. In addition, IT in Practice seems obvious to use as a benchmark within the identified areas. As CIO you therefore have a country-specific benchmark to refer to.'
Former CIO / Vice President, Morten Gade Christensen, Energinet.dk, CIO of the Year 2016

‘IT in Practice gives valuable insight into how Danish companies approach digital technologies and the related business support. In my experience, the underlying questionnaire always reflects topical issues, providing us with a regular opportunity to “keep abreast of trends” in the firms with which we compare ourselves. This benchmark helps us sharpen our focus and spotlight issues we may not have sufficiently addressed ourselves. Over the years, IT in Practice has increasingly focused on IT as an integrated part of the business. This has also made it easier for us to use results from the publication when arguing our case to colleagues in various parts of our company.’
Former Group CIO and Head of Falck IT, Torben Ruberg, Falck, CIO of the Year 2015

‘IT in practice puts a clear focus on many of the key IT management issues that we are actively working on in COWI and which I am regularly discussing with my peers. The report broadly reveals the various managerial attitudes and differences of both business and IT management, and this in particular is a good contribution to illustrate the ambitious task of establishing a comprehensive and fully integrated digital business strategy, something that I am very keen about and am sure will give us great prospective business advantages. IT in practice is a good source of insight into how other major Danish companies are working with the same management problems as we are. ’
Former CIO and Senior Vice President Claus Hagen Nielsen, Group IT, COWI, CIO of the Year 2014  

‘Every year IT in Practice is read and discussed within IT management in Grundfos. ITis a competent co-player in Grundfos contributing to the development of processes, products, and services for our customers. We use IT in Pratice as inspiration in our development and when challenging each other in individual areas. IT in Practice is used, parallel to other input, in our continuous efforts to identify trends and possibilities that create new value for Grundfos.’
CIO Jens Hartmann, Grundfos, CIO of the Year 2013

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