2022 World Water Congress: Utility leaders are the key to sustainable water management now and for the future

30 August 2022
Water utilities from around the world are gathering in Copenhagen for the sector’s annual event. Ramboll’s Jonathan Clement explains how the Utility Leaders Forum puts utilities in the lead to futureproof against ageing infrastructure and the changing climate.
IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition

IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition


Jonathan Clement

Market and Business Development Lead - Water

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Utilities are key in providing communities with infrastructure, systems, and governance to effectively manage water quantity and quality. 
With cities increasingly challenged by population growth, worn-out or inadequate infrastructure, and the impacts of a warming climate, water utilities are coming together as community leaders to implement sustainable water solutions.

Insights for impact

“Utilities need to share knowledge and experience across borders to help the sector as a whole rethink and use water sources differently,” says Jonathan Clement, Chief technology officer for Advanced water treatment, at Ramboll. “Water supplies are increasingly uncertain for cities around the world and water quality is declining mainly due to urbanisation, climate change, and increased amounts of micropollutants. How utilities face these issues now matters for the future,” he adds.

The Utility Leaders Forum at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition is a key space for utilities to share insights on sustainable water management and chart ways forward to implement solutions. 

Over the course of two days, the Forum brings together the most prominent water utility leaders and water experts to share impactful case studies and experiential innovation knowledge. The Forum’s interactive dialogues help participants address the most critical water issues utilities face today.

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Answering water utilities’ biggest questions 

The Forum wants to help answer the most-critical questions in the global water utility sector: 

  1. How can utilities, as community leaders, create integrated water management systems for cities of the future?
  2. How can we accelerate the adoption of critical solutions for water utilities? 
  3. How can utilities adapt to climate change and build resilience while still meeting societal expectations? 
  4. When, why, and how should water utilities dive into digital innovation solutions?

While the utilities sector has the technologies for water treatment, it urgently requires sustainable, cost-efficient solutions that can be rapidly deployed, adapted, and scaled for local contexts.

“We must push integrated thinking and innovation forward so all communities can have a sustainable approach to get the water they need,” Clement says. “If city utilities do not have an integrated approach to adopting new technologies, they must bring the right parties together to honestly discuss their challenges, helping them succeed in technology investment and implementation. The Utility Leaders Forum offers the opportunity for structured dialogues that can lead to applicable outcomes.”
Consultants, technology providers, and academics must listen and learn from utilities to be better positioned to help utilities lead the way.

IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition runs 11 - 15 September 2022, in Copenhagen, Denmark

The Utility Leaders’ Forum runs 13-14 September: 
Sign up for the Forum here


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