A second chance for shelved, Norwegian oil and gas projects

27 October 2015
Unmanned wellhead platforms have the potential to alter the cost level on the Norwegian continental shelf and render shelved projects profitable. In a current study for the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Ramboll is looking at pros and cons of the concept.
Unmanned wellhead platform

Unmanned wellhead platform


John Sørensen

John Sørensen

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‘The technology can be a good alternative to subsea solutions at certain water depths. For some projects there is a potential gain on both the CAPEX as well as on the OPEX side. Frequently, the only alternative is that the oil remains unexplored and unproductive in the seabed, and the concept can therefore be an important contribution to sustaining jobs throughout the tough times currently faced by the Norwegian oil and gas industry,’ says Executive Director in Ramboll Oil & Gas, Trond Bynes.

An unmanned wellhead platform is a fixed structure with wells placed on the platform deck. The concept is an alternative to wellheads in subsea installations.

‘We are happy about the assignment, and thrilled that the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate is now scrutinising the possibilities of this technology. Unmanned wellhead platforms have been a topic in the industry for the past year, and we need more thorough analyses and more knowledge within the area, says Bynes.

The Ramboll study, which is due in December 2015, will evaluate the pros and cons of different types of unmanned wellhead platforms.

Read press release from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

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Project: Unmanned wellhead platforms for the Danish North Sea

LEGO man on oil rig

Nini and Cecilie - Minimum-facility platforms for a marginal field

Ramboll has assisted DONG Energy with a development project for modification of the Siri field in the North Sea, where we designed two lightweight and robust minimum-facility platforms, Nini and Cecilie.The two unmanned wellhead platforms operate as satellites tied back to the mother platform, Siri, via three inter-field pipelines. The water depth is approximately 60 metres.

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