China Update, January 2018

10 January 2018
China Update provides quarterly briefings on major EHS regulatory developments in China. 
China Update environmental and health regulations

China Update environmental and health regulations

Below find a listing of articles in the January edition of China Update

  • Our Name has Changed
  • Water Pollution Prevention Plan for Focal Drainage Areas (2016–2020)
  • 13th Five-Year Volatile Organic Compounds Pollution Prevention Work Plan
  • Management Rules for Soil Environment in Agricultural Land (Pilot)
  • New Catalogue for the Management of Imported Waste
  • The Accounting Technique Guidelines for Industrial Pollution Control Equipment to Eliminate Pollutants and Coordinated Control of Greenhouse Gases (Pilot)
  • Groundwater Quality Standards (GB/T 14848-2017)
  • Health Requirements for Radiological Workers (GBZ 98-2017)
  • PCBs Waste Control Standards
  • Water Resource Rules for Shandong Province

China Update is published quarterly. Look for the next issue in April 2018. 

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