Environment Analyst ranks Ramboll top environmental consultancy

15 January 2019
Global market intelligence organisation Environment Analyst has again ranked Ramboll eighth in its list of the top 22 environmental firms around the globe. On a regional level, Ramboll was ranked as a top three market leader in Western Europe.

Thomas R. Vetrano

President and Managing Director, Environment & Health
T: +1 973 286 4260

The Global Environment Consulting Strategies & Market Assessment report provides an in-depth assessment of the global environmental consulting operations, business models and strategies of the 22 largest, most geographically diverse and globally ambitious companies in the industry. The rankings are based on global market share percentages. The report includes rigorous analysis of financial performance of the 22 firms and addresses three different business models (large-scale integrated services, multidisciplinary hybrid and environmental specialist).

As a multidisciplinary hybrid, Ramboll clearly stands out from others in this group – including Arcadis, Cardno and Stantec – for its distinction of Environmental & Health as a lead service rather than a support function for other disciplines, providing the opportunity to win standalone environmental projects while also finding ways to integrate environmental services with other markets across Ramboll.

“This ranking by EA proves that Ramboll’s multidisciplinary, integrated global platform continues to be recognised as a differentiator within our industry,” Environment & Health Managing Director Tom Vetrano says. “Our unique blend of multidisciplinary services are ever evolving, and we aim to find synergies across all our markets, and to continue to provide our clients with sustainable innovative solutions to their most challenging environmental issues.”

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