ENR: Ramboll ranks high within Water

26 January 2018
In the latest edition of the ENR Global Sourcebook Ramboll has advanced in water categories such as wastewater treatment and sewerage. Ramboll also improved its overall ENR ranking.
Sludge treatment

Sludge treatment


René Hoeijmakers

B.Sc in Environmental Engineering, Executive Director, Water
T: +31 683191061

Engineering News-Record, the world-leading technical news media and analytical company serving the global construction industry, recently launched its annual ‘Global Sourcebook’. The publication offers detailed rankings of the largest professional service and construction firms, and this year Ramboll was ranked high in categories related to water.

Ramboll hence climbs up the ladder within the categories Water & Wastewater Treatment (from no. 17 in 2016 to no. 14 in 2017), Sanitary & Storm Sewers (from no. 6 in 2016 to no. 5 in 2017) and Sewer & Solid Waste (from no. 12 in 2016 to no. 6 in 2017). 

Ramboll also improved its overall ENR ranking (no specific category) from number 18 in 2016 to 16 in 2017.

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