Ramboll to inform the European Commission on how to make its operations climate neutral

22 November 2019
The European Commission has asked Ramboll and its partner CO2logic to study how the Commission – as an organisation – can become greenhouse gas-neutral as early as possible prior to 2050.



Xavier Le Den

Market Director, Strategic Sustainability Consulting
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By Mie Kjær 

The European Commission has developed a strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate-neutral economy by 2050. This vision identifies building blocks for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions in the EU to net zero by 2050. These include energy efficiency, renewable energy as well as clean mobility and the necessary infrastructure. This vision is presently being discussed in the EU, with a view of adopting an EU long-term strategy on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

As a frontrunner in the fight against climate change, the European Commission – as an organisation – considers it equally important to translate this into own actions. Therefore, the Commission has asked Ramboll to undertake a feasibility and scoping study on how a greenhouse-gas neutral Commission can be achieved as early as possible prior to 2050.

Exciting and inspiring

The work will be carried out by a multidisciplinary team of experts within sustainability, policy advice, environment and health services, paired with external partner, CO2logic, an advisor of the European Parliament and the European Council on GHG monitoring and environmental management.

“In its Eco Management and Audit Scheme, the Commission has already done a lot to reduce its environmental and climate footprint“, explains Artur Runge-Metzger, Director for Climate Strategy at DG CLIMA. 

“It is exciting and inspiring for us to work on this with the experts of Ramboll and CO2logic and with committed colleagues from many different Commission departments, as we are looking at all relevant areas, including buildings, canteens, commuting and business travels to see what could be done, where emissions could be reduced, how - and at what costs.” 

From state of play to roadmap

The project will look into three issues: 

  1. Analysis of the Commission’s current GHG emissions and remaining reduction options and how to improve the monitoring system to report on these emissions

  2. Analysis of instruments and concepts of climate neutrality targets for organisations and of their applicability to the Commission

  3. Developing feasible roadmaps towards achieving the goal of climate neutrality.

"Should the Commission take action to become greenhouse-gas neutral, this would undoubtedly create a snowball effect, incentivising other organisations to follow their lead", says Xavier Le Den, Head of European Policy in Ramboll Management Consulting in Brussels.

A hands-on approach to delivering sustainable change

He explains that this is a great opportunity for a hands-on approach to delivering sustainable change: 

“We often do this type of work at a strategic level. Now, the EU Commission study will be translated into operational measures. This requires facilitating co-creation processes across different services, in which we will collaborate closely with CO2logic“, says Xavier Le Den. 

This assignment brings together Ramboll’s experience in European policy and strategy advice with expertise in climate change mitigation and sustainability. 
The work kicked-off in August 2019; Ramboll and CO2logic will be working on the project for the next year. 




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