The rise of intelligent skyscrapers

1 November 2018
How do we create tall building solutions that will stay viable and relevant over their life cycle?


Jesper Dalsgaard

Jesper Dalsgaard

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Shonn Mills. Ramboll

Shonn Mills

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By Shazlin Ahmad Murad and Andrew Somerville

Smart technology is increasingly being used to allow high-rise buildings to adapt to the changing needs of users. This was the focus of a ‘Smart Tools’ session organized by Ramboll at the recent Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) in Dubai. The event also examined the tools and technologies that enable the rise of intelligent skyscrapers and their impact on building operations and the wider urban realm.

Speaking at the event, Shonn Mills, Director for High-Rise Buildings, Ramboll, said: “As building systems become more complex, the focus and emphasis are shifting from the initial design and construction phase to the operations and ongoing demand for continual system refresh.”

“The new demand for flexible solutions is creating new business models such as Smart Buildings as a Service (SBaaS), changing the traditional definition of ownership and life cycles.”

Leading the way in smart buildings

Ramboll’s smart technology expertise has put us at the forefront of the smart buildings industry, where we are fast becoming the preferred consultant in the field with recent significant wins in Asia and Scandinavia.

Alongside the conference, Ramboll celebrated the re-launch of the CTBUH Scandinavian chapter by bringing together over 70 industry players such as HOK, Zaha Hadid, and Dubai Holdings among others. The reception was well received, reflecting growing interest in the Scandinavian market and Scandinavian high-rise abroad.

“The conference, combined with the re-launch of the Scandinavian chapter, is the perfect opportunity for Ramboll to showcase our high-rise expertise in the region,” says Jesper Dalsgaard, Managing Director, Ramboll Buildings. “Particularly now that the Scandinavian market is starting to express great interest in the trend of tall buildings.”

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