Focus on sustainability in precious Estonian coastal area

11 March 2015
Home to Estonia's largest national park, Kuusalu Parish puts a premium on sustainability. To ensure sustainable development, Ramboll will devise a comprehensive plan and conduct a strategic environmental assessment in the parish.
Pärispea Rand is one of the most scenic beaches in Kuusalu Parish

Pärispea Rand is one of the most scenic beaches in Kuusalu Parish

On February 12, 2015, Ramboll and Kuusalu Municipal Government signed a three-year contract for a comprehensive plan as well as an environmental assessment of Kuusalu Parish.

Kuusalu Parish is a rural municipality in northern Estonia and the largest in Harju Country. The municipality has a population of 6,460, covering an area of 708 square kilometres.

Long coastline with beautiful beaches

The municipality has a long stretch of coastline with beautiful beaches. A significant segment of the municipality's territory is covered by protected areas as they are part of the Lahemaa National Park and Põhja-Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve. Additionally, the important Estonian and international E20 Tallinn-Narva highway crosses the municipality.

- It will be exciting to devise a plan for the Lahemaa National Park. It is the oldest and largest national park in Estonia and constitutes a vital part of Kuusalu Parish. Our objective is to protect nature and our cultural heritage while providing good living conditions for both residents and visitors, says Eleri Kautlenbach, Project Manager at Ramboll Estonia.

Focus on sustainable development

The comprehensive plan will define the principles of spatial development in the municipality and determine general use and building conditions for land and water areas, for instance height limits for buildings and other restrictions.

The strategic environmental assessment will examine the potential economic, social and cultural impact of the proposed spatial development and its potential impact on the natural environment.

- Estonia's population is shrinking and aging. Our greatest challenge in this situation is to ensure balanced development. In Kuusalu Parish, this can be accomplished by establishing conditions for sustainable spatial development, Eleri Kautlenbach concludes.

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