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9 March 2017

A new, experimental form of transport – the Hyperloop – promises speeds of over 1,000 kilometres per hour.

Visualisation of passengers boarding Hyperloop. Credit: Hyperloop One

Visualisation of passengers boarding Hyperloop. Credit: Hyperloop One


Jukka Räsänen

Project Manager, Transport System Analysis
T: +358 40 3578 427

Peter Molin

Director, Transport

by Andrew Somerville

Ramboll is conducting a feasibility study on a Hyperloop train connection between Turku and Helsinki in Finland, and examining the possibility for a test route. The Hyperloop is a near-vacuum tube that allows for travel at speeds of over 1,000 km per hour.

At this stage the study is focusing on land use and environmental impacts while a more detailed technical study will be carried out on the proposed test route.

According to Project Manager Jukka Räsänen from Ramboll, the test route “would be an interesting opportunity to utilise Finnish technological expertise and IT skills. However, it must be planned in a way that would allow for the route to be used as part of the actual transport connection.”

“The idea of transporting goods and people faster and cheaper in a whole new way generates major advantages, as is evident in existing economic assessment studies,” says City Architect Jarmo Heimo from Salo, which lies along the route. “The effects would be long-term if Finland won the competition for both the future development centre as well as the test route.”

The project was commissioned by the City of Salo, and it receives funding from the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, Tekes.

Last year Ramboll also examined the feasibility of a fixed connection between Sweden and Finland using the Hyperloop.

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