Market study: Green premises common in the near future

12 November 2014
Ramboll Green Market Study (GMS) 2014 is the fourth study of its kind since 2008. GMS maps the real estate business trends and the development related to sustainability and green building in the Nordic countries.

Green Market Study 2014

This time, we focused on business models developed to support sustainability and data management. New innovations and sustainability communication were also included as topics of interest in our study.

- The results clearly indicate that the industry has a common understanding and trust in technology and technological development. Innovations are seen as an essential part of the industry’s development into truly sustainable construction and “evergreen” building stock. Additionally, increased environmental awareness of tenants and their need for more information are evident findings, says Mikko Hyytinen, Director of Real Estate Consulting in Ramboll Finland.

More engagement between tenants and owners

Better collaboration between tenants and owners is mutually beneficial in supporting the parties in their widening environmental efforts. Respondents underline the Nordic countries’ strong trust in legislation to promote the sustainability within the industry. Other influencing possibilities are seen in development of future expertise through education and sharing the information in international conferences and through expert associations.

- The role of tenants has been emphasised in recent years due to the market development. This also resulted in a large number of respondents in the tenant group. The total number of respondents was also larger than in the previous surveys. Therefore, we warmly thank all respondents for their contribution, says Mikko Hyytinen.

Resource optimisation and green buildings

A challenging economic environment, new technological innovations and a more significant role of communication have been reflected in the recent development of the real estate and construction industry. This development has resulted in more efficient use of resources, increased importance of green buildings and enhanced collaboration between stakeholders.

- Sustainability is already integrated in the strategic decision-making of the companies. It will be interesting to see how and when the innovations and business opportunities recognised by our respondents become reality, says Mikko Hyytinen.

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