Heat resilience: Measuring benefits of urban heat adaptation

The impact of extreme temperatures on health and wellbeing is quickly taking center stage on policy agendas in many cities. Ramboll has helped C40 Cities design a Heat Resilient Cities benefits tool, aiming to help city planners and decision-makers quantify the health, economic and environmental benefits of common urban heat adaptation actions.
Photo: The City of Medellín

Photo: The City of Medellín


Henrik Stener Pedersen

Henrik Stener Pedersen

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More on the tool and case studies

Sao Paulo Case study

Get the key findings from the Sao Paulo Ipiranga Stream case study.

> Download it here

Medellin Case study

Read more on the insights from the Medellin Green Corridors Case Study

> Download it here

Behind the scenes - How to measure the benefits

Learn more about the methodology used to measure benefits of urban heat adaption.

> Get behind the scenes here

Urban Heat Islands are an unintended consequence of our increasing urbanisation. With global temperatures projected to increase in the coming years – addressing Urban heat becomes increasingly important. Ramboll has helped C40 Cities setup and test a tool that measures the benefits from urban heat adaption initiatives.

In order to take the best and most effectful actions, you must have available relevant and actionable informations. Ramboll Director, Henrik Stener Pedersen explains:

- Our aim developing this tool is to provide decision-makers with a first-step assessment on what health benefits – and ultimately economic benefits, urban heat adaptation options could provide the city with. Usign this tool we hope to support well-informed city investments that not only address the urban heat issues, but also acts to improve urban liveability overall.

Making the case for investments

Cities can use this information to make the case for urban heat adaptation investments, and to prioritise the actions that are likely to have the most positive impact locally.

Users can calculate the benefits brought by specific parks and green infrastructure, water bodies such as rivers and lakes, and cool and vegetative surfaces. The tool can also extrapolate results from these specific investments to calculate the benefits of scaling-up across the whole of the city.

Get the tool here

Access the Heat Resilient Cities benefits tool and calculate benefits for your city’s actions here:

> Download and calculate your benefits here

Instructions for using the tool are given in the first two tabs (Intro and Workflow) of the Excel file.

Piloted in Sao Paulo and Medellín

The tool was developed with guidance from cities which participate in the C40 Cool Cities Network, and from urban heat and health impact specialists. It has been piloted with the cities of Medellín and São Paulo.

In 2019 a host of bright talents from around the globe joined the Urban Lab in Copenhagen. Their goal was to co-create solutiones that could mitigate the same challenges as the C40 tool adresses.
Learn more about their findings and the Urban Lab 2019.

At your convenience you can download the case studies from both cities on page. And you can take a deep dive in to the methodology used to design the tool.


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