Ramboll Principal made Affiliate Professor at Belgian University

18 September 2019

Michael Tans, Principal at Ramboll’s Liege-Maastricht office in Belgium has been appointed as Affiliate Professor of Environmental Management at the University of Liege for the 2019-20 academic year.


Michael Tans

T: +32 55 612 155

The Environmental Management course is an optional extra for students following the first year of the university’s Master’s Degree in Business Engineering. It is made up of 18 hours of in-class lending with an additional 72 hours of home study and provides 3 credits towards the full Master’s degree. This Masters education aims in developing future business leaders, especially in industrial environments.

Michael’s experience supporting international corporations with managing their environmental issues and opportunities was instrumental in securing his appointment to the role. The university was impressed by the range of services that Ramboll can offer, from supporting clients with strategic decision-making (eg due diligence) to managing large portfolios of sites (eg based on environmental liabilities). They are also keen to understand how we are able to turn the constraints of environmental policy in to opportunities for businesses, including new trends such as circular economy and product dematerialisation.

For Michael, it’s a return to the place he completed his studies, and he is looking forward to the challenge. “I am very pleased and honoured to have been appointed as Affiliate Professor for Environmental Management at the University of Liège” he said. “To me, this represents recognition of my 20 years of experience in environmental management, as well as Ramboll’s position as a global leader in supporting major corporations in managing environmental issues.”

“I am looking forward to supporting the education of future leaders and raising their awareness of environmental management opportunities.”

“Coming back to the university where I studied Environmental Management back in 1998 is important to me. I feel like I am able to give something back to the university and the students by sharing the experience that I could gain along my career.”

For more information about the role, contact Michael Tans.

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