Keeping the traffic flowing

30 November 2018

A new road bridge improves safety and traffic flow in Finland, both over and under.


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By Andrew Somerville

Constructing a bridge on an existing highway requires detailed planning to ensure that it is built as quickly as possible. The new Jännevirta bridge, near the city of Kuopio in central Finland, replaces a 67-year-old draw bridge that caused considerable traffic congestion both on the road and the waterway.

The new structure considerably improves traffic conditions and at 25 metres in height, allows for the uninterrupted passing of shipping below.

“To optimise the bridge structure design, we decided to build the new bridge with a concrete and steel structure,” says Jouni Tiainen, Planning Manager from Ramboll the chief designer of the bridge. “The deck was made by continuous casting of concrete, and the deck structure is supported by steel girders.”

The design and the installation of the steel structures made extensive use of advanced data modelling, and a variety of seamlessly interconnecting data models for the road and bridge structures were developed.

Safety improved

In addition to the construction of the bridge, the project involved improvements to a section of national road, including producing acoustic screening to reduce traffic noise. Road safety was improved by building an overpass and two underpasses.

“Safety was also improved by adding junctions,” says Ramboll Planning Manager Seppo Parantala. “Pedestrian and cycling conditions have also been improved by building six kilometres of combined pedestrian and cycling paths alongside the road.”

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