New major climate adaptation project in Copenhagen inspires overseas countries

9 July 2016

A large park in Copenhagen will be transformed into a series of rainwater catchment basins and lead the excess rainwater on the surface through the streets to a city centre lake. On its way, the water will be purified  biologically.

Hans Tavsens Park, Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Hans Tavsens Park, Nørrebro, Copenhagen


Thomas Kruse

Thomas Kruse

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By Kristine Barenholdt Bruun

There are numerous ways to deal with cloudbursts and heavy rainfalls. Traditionally, sewers were the only solution, but in Copenhagen – and most other cities worldwide – the established sewers system is insufficient when it comes to handling today’s climate challenge.

Over the next 30 years, the City of Copenhagen will implement an ambitious blue and green cloudburst masterplan and a number of concretisation plans.

Most recently, it was decided to transform Hans Tavsens Park into a rainwater catchment area during cloudbursts. The solution transforms the park into a series of multifunctional rainwater catchment basins from which the excess rainwater is lead via Korsgade street into Peblinge Lake. On its way, the water will be purified biologically by a newly established city park greenery in Korsgade street.

An international beacon for climate adaptation

"The project will contribute to the development of a whole new kind of urban space from Peblinge Lake along Korsgade Street to the nearby Hans Tavsens Park. In total, the project will be an international beacon for climate adaptation in cities, since it brings together the right technical and social aspects.  At the same time it provides an innovative solution by focusing on improving the water quality in the lake,” says Christian Nyerup Nielsen, Global Service Line Leader, Climate Adaptation & Flood-Risk Management in Ramboll.

Copenhagen Municipality and Nordic Innovation, an organisation under the Nordic Council of Ministers, are launching an extensive climate adaptation and urban space initiative with objectives such as redirecting rainwater from cloudbursts, purifying water and creating new, attractive and more liveable urban spaces.

This project was designed in close dialogue with the local area’s users and residents.

Ramboll is technical lead on Hans Tavsens Plads and collaborates with studio SLA. In addition to Ramboll and SLA, the project team comprises ArkiLab, “GAME” (The National Platform for Street Sport) , author and sociologist Aydin Soei and Social Action.

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St. Jørgens sø in Copenhagen

Cloudburst Concretisation Masterplan

On 2 July, 2011 large areas of the city of Copenhagen were flooded. Copenhagen is on the front line of climate change, experiencing increasingly heavy rain events, as they are also on the leading edge of urban innovation with a vision of transforming their city into a sustainable, C02 neutral city by 2025.

Urban resilience study for Asian Development Bank

The Asia Pacific region is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and at the same time the region is increasingly exposed to the risks of climate change. Hence, substantial investments are needed in order to reduce carbon emissions and enhance resilience in the region's largest urban areas.

Kokkedal, Ådalen

The Blue-Green Garden City

Denmark’s largest current climate adaption project, the "Blue-Green Garden City" in the town of Kokkedal, north of Copenhagen, will improve local residents' everyday life; environmentally, socially and culturally.

Climate adaptation study & pilot project in New York City

The NYC Cloudburst Resiliency Planning Study & pilot project is a world-class example of an integrated planning & analysis process shaping a solid basis for future decisions on how to implement climate adaptation initiatives fully or partly based on green infrastructure.

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