New Oslo National Museum calls for on-shore inspiration

2 December 2014
Traditional building methods are not sufficient in the building of the new National Museum in Norway. Ramboll is taking a new approach by considering construction methods used in big on-shore projects in the oil industry.


Svein Borgen

Head of Department
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The National Museum is one of the largest in situ constructions to be built today in Norway. The size of the museum will be more than 54,600 square meter.

- This is not a traditional building. What we do here is larger than usual construction, especially concerning the extent of in situ concrete. We therefore wish to collect experience from building methods in big on-shore projects, for example some of the expertise used in constructing the Snohvit natural gas fields. Of particular interest is experience in formwork, reinforcement and pumping of concrete, says Svein Borgen, planning group coordinator (PGC) in Ramboll.

Ramboll is a complete interdisciplinary consultant on all technical fields for the new National Museum.

- This project is unusual in a Norwegian context. Getting so many different fields to work together fluently is highly demanding. There are high expectations to the architecture and the safety requirements are very strict. The climate and environmental ambitions are also very high. This is a building with a long term time horizon, says Ivar Barstad, PGC in Ramboll, who underlines the excitement of working on this project.


The work on the construction site has already started. At its peak, more than 800 people will work on the new museum, which will have an exhibition area of more than 13,000 square meters. The price is 0.63 billion Euros

- In addition to the large volume, there is also much tailoring. We use no prefabricated concrete elements, everything needs to be moulded at the construction site. The museum will be one of the biggest in situ buildings in Norwegian history. That is one of reasons why we need to use similar methods as used in large onshore projects, says Borgen.

- We are now designing the museum room by room, says Barstad.

Cramped construction site

Borgen tells us that two extensive concrete pumping systems will be made at the construction site. There will also be four big cranes lifting steel reinforcement and moving formwork material.

- This is a cramped construction site in the centre of Oslo. There are critical demands to traffic flow to and from the site. This challenge will only get bigger, says Torstein Lillebakk, PGC in Ramboll.

The construction of the building is also influenced by the strict safety requirements.

Working together

Another day goes by in the project office in Oslo. Between 30 and 40 Ramboll employees work together with Statsbygg, the architects Kleihues+Schuwerk Gesellschaft von Arkitekten mbH, Ramboll’s sub-contractor NGI and Erichsen og Horgen AS. The bid on piling will soon be put on the market, and the work with the concrete structure contract, which is to be delivered in March, is in the final phase.


The National Museum should be a role model project within the FutureBuilt programme and there are strict environmental demands for the project. It must have the lowest possible greenhouse gas emissions and the energy consumption must meet passive house levels. The materials have to be solid and have a strong endurance and the solutions must be robust.

- For energy supply we will use sea water in a heat pump system for heating and cooling, says Lillebakk.

Ramboll’s role

Ramboll is involved as a complete consulting group with a separate planning group coordinator to plan a complete museum facility within the fields of construction technique, plumbing, electrics, acoustics, fire safety and geotechnology.

Ramboll also contributes with special competence within universal development, lighting planning, safety, automation, environmental issues and traffic.

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