Ramboll team up with Copenhagen Mayor and 30 city leaders to explore next generation urban leadership

3 November 2015
On 3 November experts from Ramboll gather with 30 leading Nordic city representatives for an executive workshop on integrated city planning and stakeholder mobilisation. The ambition of the session is to share perspectives and tools to help accelerate sustainable economy and quality of life throughout European cities.
Exploration of next generation urban leadership

Exploration of next generation urban leadership


Martin Christiansen

Martin Christiansen

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Behind the initiative are Gehl Architects, Leaderlab, Ramboll, the City of Copenhagen, and the EU organisation Climate-KIC. A group of organisations concerned with the challenge of how cities, civil society and private companies through collaboration, co-creation and collective impact partnerships can accelerate more liveable cities around the world.

One of these experts is Ramboll Management Consulting’s Executive Director, Henrik Seiding. He will be presenting a tool for capturing and rating the many aspect of a liveable city. He says:

- Liveability is vital to build the political case for more cities where people, business, and society flourish. By working with liveability from a holistic approach, cities can develop new solutions that create multiple benefits rather than just one.

Finding new ways for Copenhagen

Cities are driving the economy, but are facing grand challenges like population growth, shifting demographics, obesity, air pollution, resource scarcity and changing climate. The City of Copenhagen has a long track record for both being a liveable city with focus on quality of everyday life and having ambitious goals for emission reduction and climate adaptation. But even Copenhagen is faced with challenges, where no ready-made solutions are possible.

- Copenhagen is by many known for our integrated planning and efforts to combat climate change. But going forward we need to find new ways to engage city stakeholder in cross-sector innovation and partnerships that will drive an even more living, diverse and responsible city, says Brian Hansen, Head of Department, City Strategies in the City of Copenhagen.

Partnerships part of the solution

Cities are responsible for 70-75% of global CO2-emissions and air pollution kills 7 million people each year. But climate change and air pollution are not solved through silo initiatives – it is solved through urban leadership, integrated city planning and cross-sector innovation. A mission that the EU funded Climate-KIC is commissioned to promote. Nordic Director, Susanne Pedersen explains:

- We simply need to empower cities and develop next generation urban leadership practices and partnership that will drive sustainable change.

Set in the historic premises of the former Carlsberg breweries in Copenhagen, the workshop will have to stir up some novel answers to global city agendas. Next time some of the participants rendezvous will be in Paris at the COP21 to be held in December 2015.

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