Online workshop: Hydrogen in pipelines

9 December 2020
Join us on 13 January 13:00-15:00 CET when we invite the Danish gas industry to focus on the challenges we face when preparing the gas network for hydrogen.


Geir Agustsson

Senior Pipeline Engineer
M: +45 51 61 12 09

Power-to-X is essential to the green transition in Denmark and is expected to become a large part of Danish technology exports. This places great demands on our handling and development of the infrastructure around Power-to-X, including the gas network.

The gas network is one of the most profitable ways to transport hydrogen. Thus, the Danish gas network will be crucial in connection with the purchase, storage, and distribution of a significant part of the energy produced from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, which may subsequently be converted into hydrogen. 

However, this requires a conversion of the gas network to be able to handle increasing fractions of hydrogen gas as existing pipelines are not designed for this and we therefore risk problems such as hydrogen embrittlement.

The gas network of the future - from theory to solutions

During the workshop, we will focus on these challenges – i.e. the challenges that are known and where we have solutions, but also the challenges that we lack knowledge of and solutions to. We have gathered a number of speakers who will explain the various challenges and start the debate.

Through this workshop, we want to receive input from the participants and hear your points of view as it can bring us further in defining project activities afterwards, which must emerge from the existing needs within the industry.

Contribution to a framework-creating debate

We look forward to presenting speakers from the Danish Gas Technology Centre, Energinet, FORCE Technology and Ramboll. During the workshop, there will be a good opportunity to influence the debate as well as ask questions in advance.

Our ambition with the workshop is that it will help to form a starting point and create a framework for the debate and the work of adapting the Danish and European gas network to hydrogen.

At the same time, we want to contribute to the technology and knowledge development to ensure that the Danish business community becomes one of the key technology suppliers for the green transition internationally. So, if you are thinking of joining a project consortium, there is an opportunity to discuss this after the workshop.

The online workshop was held on 13 January 2021. Watch a recording here:

The workshop is a collaboration between Ramboll, Force Technology, DGC and Energinet.

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