Energy producing house wins international competition

27 October 2015

OsloSolar not only wins first prize in the Futurebuilt Urban+ international architect and environment contest, sponsored by Entra. It will also, most likely, become Europe's most energy producing building.

The Ramboll project OsloSolar is far from being a regular building. With its 8,300 square meters of building integrated photo voltaic (BIPV) solar panels, all indications are that it will be the most energy producing building in Europe when finished in 2020.

The entire project is made as sustainable as possible, following BREEAM Outstanding requirements and with the aim of halving construction material CO2 emissions by reducing building materials such as steel and using low carbon concrete.

“To ensure that the solar panels generate sufficient amounts of power, we have consulted with the Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology. The jury explained that our choice of design, robust technologies and innovative and integrated solutions were among the reasons for our victory,” said Project Manager in Ramboll Magnus Killingland.

Integrated energy design for the greatest power production possible

The OsloSolar building has 30 % lower energy demand than a passive house and the solar panels ensures that it will be a plus house designed for the greatest power production possible. The south facing pitched roof provides extra space for solar panels and ensures that OsloSolar will produce excessive energy of at least 2 kWh per square meter.

“The roof also collects and filtrate the harvested water, snow, and ice which will irrigate all the green building zones and can be used for façade cleaning or even drinking water, cleaner than when it entered the building”, Magnus Killingland explained.
The Ramboll team was made up by eight dedicated specialists, but has involved as many as fourteen specialists from Oslo and Trondheim in Norway and Copenhagen Denmark. Magnus Killingland stresses that the dynamic interdisciplinary collaboration was an important factor for the successful result.

The FutureBuilt programme aims to develop carbon neutral urban areas and high quality architecture. Oslosolar is a cooperation between Code architects and Ramboll, with Ramboll being responsible for all the engineering services.

Oslo – a liveable city

OsloSolar will be located at Lilletorget, a downtown park and square in Oslo, Norway. One of its functions will be to open Lilletorget and make the area more available to its citizens.

Code Architects are developing a passage with restaurants and cafes and other public spaces. There will be no car parking, and only bicycle parking and a workshop. The project is now being revised to modify the building to the local demands, and to make room for all the wanted content – offices, businesses and restaurants.

 “The Lilletorget location is surrounded by significant buildings as the Oslo Plaza hotel, Oslo Spektrum concert hall and the Norway Post building. Norway´s largest hub for public transport, Oslo Central Station, is only a two minute walk from Lilletorget. We aim to build an iconic and innovative building combining the highest environmentally standards, world-class architecture and urban development”, says Kristin Haug Lund, Entra´s EVP for projects and chair of the Urban+ jury.

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