Pankaj Sachdeva appointed Global Director of Ramboll’s telecom division

13 December 2021

Head of Ramboll’s telecom business in India Pankaj Sachdeva has been appointed Director for Ramboll’s telecom business globally.


Hannes Reuter

Managing Director of Ramboll Energy
T: +45 5161 2440
Pankaj Sachdeva, Country Market Director – Energy & Telecom

Pankaj Sachdeva

Global Spearhear Director, Towers & Telecom
T: +91 40 4032 2065

“Telecom is expected to expand rapidly in the coming years. I am convinced that Pankaj Sachdeva will build on our market-leading position to seize the opportunities deriving from the current market development and serve our clients in the best way possible”, says Hannes Reuter, Managing Director of Energy.

Pankaj Sachdeva has been with Ramboll since 2015, leading the telecom team in India. He has 27 years of experience from the telecom industry, having held leadership positions in companies such as Indus Towers, Viom Networks, Motorola, IBM, and Ericson.

Pankaj Sachdeva will lead the 250-person strong telecom team in India, Denmark and Australia. He will take on his new position as per 1 January 2022.



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